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Putting Hands First Since 1936

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Putting Hands First Since 1936

For 70 years the Magnusson family of Hestra, Sweden has been exclusively committed to producing the finest performance gloves available.

At Hestra, they only make gloves and they are not trying to be the biggest glove manufacturer in the world…just the very best. Once you have had an opportunity to put your hands into a pair of Hestra Gloves it will be clear that you have found the finest performance handwear in the market today.

They choose only the very finest leathers for all their gloves. They combine this with the latest in technology for insulation and protection. Finally, they sculpt the perfect shapes for dexterity and comfort. The result is remarkable, you will not find a better fitting, more comfortable pair of gloves. Once you try them, Hestra gloves will forever change your standard of what a performance ski glove truly is!

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