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  • Kid Carrier Vs Stroller

    PARENTS! What’s your preferred method of transportation for your young ones?

    There has always been an association with child carriers and hiking. But that’s not all they’re great for! Continue Reading

  • 4 Must do Adventures This Summer

    The story behind the story…

    A few weeks ago we reached out to our many followers on social media to discover what adventures they’ve planned for this summer. We received an overwhelming response!

    We’ve highlighted 4 of, what we felt, were the most exciting submissions below and added an essential gear list edited by the product experts here at ROI.

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  • Introducing Gwyn – Dealer Services Specialist!

    ROI’s New Dealer/Customer Service Agent

    If you’re a retailer or a customer with brand or product questions, Gwyn is the guy to call and now you have a face to put to the name.

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  • PFCs in the Environment and our Industry.

    PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) are often used in outdoor gear to repel water, oil & dirt. It’s a man-made chemical that keeps waterproof membranes working the way they should ensuring users stay dry. That beautiful water beading effect you get on your gear? That’s from PFC’s. Continue Reading

  • What you need to know about Alpaca.

    Did you know we sell Alpaca socks? And even better… they’re made in America.

    What’s so special about Alpaca?

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  • Hestra Glove Sizing

    Here’s a quick blog post to help with figuring out your glove size. All size charts are also included on every Hestra product page.

    Sizing (inches)        
    6 7 8 9 10 11
    Circumference (mm)        
    152 178 203 229 254 279
    Length (mm)        
    160 171 182 192 204 215

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  • Introducing James!

    This is James. If you’re a retailer in Alberta, He’ll be giving you a call—so now you have a face to put to the name 🙂

    ROI’s New Alberta Sales Representative

    We’ve added a little ginger to the mix! A long-time friend to ROI and an avid outdoorsman, say hello to the latest addition to our team, James Clarke, and yes…the mustache is real! Continue Reading

  • Deuter & It’s Environmental Footprint.

    When purchasing a product do you consider the impact it had on the environment for you to have that product?   
    The entire process of creating physical products can often have a large negative impact on our environment. Deuter has gone on to the forefront of reducing their environmental footprint.  The company has assessed every part of it’s supply chain and adheres to several initiatives that to ensure a reduction in their footprint. Here are some of their notable practices: Continue Reading

  • Deuter & The Fair Wear Foundation.

    The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent non profit organization that works with companies to improve labour conditions in the textile and clothing industry, particularly in low wage countries. Deuter has joined the FWF and by doing so it has complied to the organizations strict Code of Labour Practices. 
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  • How to properly fit and adjust your Deuter pack.

    What’s the best way to fit and adjust your Deuter pack?

    1-Loosen all straps.Fill the backpack with a realistic weight.  Put the pack on. Continue Reading